My Work

This page is a list of everything I’m working on.

Current Projects

…All the things I’m currently working on right now.

Demo Stuff

Code I’ve written for the sake of writing code, because it’s fun.

Cynical Hamlet

Simple multiple-choice-based text adventure written in C# as a console application. Written as an English final project, but also demos some of the more advanced C# Console APIs.

Utility Stuff

Tools I’ve written to make life just that little bit easier.

Agent Washington

A server-monitoring bot for Discord that monitors and reports the current status of a configurable set of online servers. Originally developed for LBP Union to monitor the status of the official LittleBigPlanet game servers.

Cloudflare Dynamic DNS Daemon

A Node.js service that uses the Cloudflare API to implement Dynamic DNS for websites hosted at home.