My name is Michael, otherwise known online as “Alkaline Thunder” or aklnthndr for short. I’m a visually-impaired 19-year-old game development student and a developer at Trixel Creative. I write code because it’s fun and enjoy feeling the flow of it all. I work on Restitched as well as my upcoming hacking game, Socially Distant.

Where I got started

I’ve been fascinated with computers ever since I was a little kid. In fact, when I first started school, my parents told me I would learn to print – I thought this meant I’d learn how to use a printer. I still don’t know how to work those things. Either way, when I was diagnosed with Retinitis-Pigmentosa at a young age, computers became a huge part of how I coped with my disability. They became my only way of being able to read and write, and do schoolwork.

I also loved playing video games as a kid, growing up on the PS2 and PS3. My favorite games have always been games like LittleBigPlanet, because of their robust level editors and the ability to create great things.

My first line of code was written on a PlayStation Portable, in a homebrew text editor. It was a basic HTML web page that simply said “Hello World.” As cliche as this sounds, this was what started my career. I was fascinated by the thought of being able to have my own website as a kid, and HTML was my introduction into that.

Over the years, I’ve used many programming languages – C#, Visual Basic, Lua, C++, JavaScript, PHP (regrettably) and more that I can’t remember. Admittedly, I spent a lot more time teaching myself how to program, than I did paying attention to class in school. Knowing that computers were, and always would be, a massive part of my life, I loved the idea of being able to control and master them. And now I do.

Games I’ve worked on

If you’d like to see what games I’ve worked on, then please see my portfolio. 🙂

Trixel Creative

I joined Trixel Creative in September of 2021 to work on Restitched. As I said previously, I love games with robust level editors that encourage creativity. I hope that I can take what I love from these games and put it into Restitched to inspire another generation of future game developers like myself.